In all those years in which we use the Internet, there are been countless times when, by chance stumbled on sites created with little means of willing strangers, we obtained valuable information. The information that we can offer ourselves are restricted to very specific topics, so they will not be found by a large number of surfers. But the Internet is big and it can never be said that, somewhere, someone is not looking just at this particular synthesis, or the sketch of that particular canoe, the design of the ship etc ...

The effort to transfer in this medium, the Web, the information accumulated over the years is not insignificant. Also because we did not want outside help or specific publication programs. The Word is all that is within our reach. Please accept willingly the spartan appearance of the site (and errors). 

This site is amateurish, not-for-profit, and replies to researches and drawings by the author, drawn from original sources of various kinds (museum collections and archives, photo books, publications, documentaries, newspapers and magazine; what still remains afloat, abandoned or reduced to a wreck). Designs performed since 1939, and still in progress.

As for the "Aldebaran", often cited within the site, it must be said that this is an association open to the public for over fifty years, working in various fields of historical research concerning the navy of Trieste and Eastern Adriatic and the Italian military and merchant marine with several members living outside the city and abroad engaged in specific areas of historical and archivist research, specializing in modeling, photography, marine engineering, with constantly updated historical library  subject to legislative protection. Frequent is the presence in exhibitions and competitions in Italy and abroad with numerous first prizes and awards